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The First And Second Generation Eco Fryer Somewhat Different?

Release Time::2023/02/25 00:40:41;Views:270Times

Friends in the purchase of Eco Fryer, found that many Eco Fryer brands have launched the second generation, some second generation than the first generation prices to be significantly more expensive. So, spend more money to buy a second-generation worth it, here, I'll tell you in detail about the first and second generation Eco Fryer somewhat different?

First, different visibility

For just buy Eco Fryer friends, often immediately try its effect how, first-generation Eco Fryer is closed, we can not see the situation inside the machine, in other words, we have in the after the food into the pot, we can only wait patiently, even very curious what is inside the case, nor can see. The second-generation Eco Fryer on visibility made great improvements, not only can cook delicious dishes, diners also allows you to see how the food is changing, has changed from cooked within 12 minutes What happened to meet everyone's curiosity about, but then again, watched the birth of delicious, but also very easy to greedy saliva flow ~

Second, different keys Intelligent

The first generation Eco Fryer mainly regulate the temperature and time button, while the second-generation Eco Fryer functions is more complicated, and the control panel is more intelligent, humane, comprehensive, in addition to what time and temperature, as well as other related to the operation button, and the LED time display, so it can more accurately grasp the remaining time and the timing and other matters. And more intuitive in appearance, the atmosphere.

Third, the amount of space to accommodate the different

The first generation Eco Fryer smaller, portable and strong, but at the same time the amount of food which can accommodate also relatively small, less populated if families can consider using the first-generation Eco Fryer, if it is a family of three home, and even more people at home, it is recommended to consider the second-generation Eco Fryer, suppose a second-generation Eco Fryer can go into a chicken, the first generation of air emissions and fryer can go four fritters this is in order to specifically, if your home is relatively small fritters, the amount will be more likely to accommodate some of the more abstract volume oh described ~

Fourth, the rotatable between different

The first generation Eco Fryer After capped, how to use the air flow, generating heat we know nothing, the second-generation Eco Fryer that we can visually see the change of food, not only that, a generation Eco Fryer food basically does not move, heat the air flow formed by moving, while second-generation Eco Fryer food endure heat and air are moving, and a 360-degree, full rotation, so that not only help us to be more intuitive to see the food, also allows the food is heated more evenly.